Your Master Jewellers

Customized Jewellery

Step1 : Choose from the 3 options :

  • Bring an actual piece of your desired jewellery.
  • Bring a high quality image of jewellery to be replicated.
  • Design your own jewellery through a sketch from our in-house jewellery designers.

Step 2 : 3D Modeling & Rendering

Our jewellery designer will provide a 3D rendering of your desired piece using the latest imaging technology.

Step 3 : 3D Printing

With our state of the art 3D printer, we will provide a mock up model made of composite material, which will serve as the mold for the actual piece.

Step 4 : Production

Kindly determine the exact materials to be used (i.e. color and percentage of gold, number, color and quality of stones, etc.)

Step 5 : Approval

We will prepare a personalized quotation for your approval.

Step 6 : Delivery

We will notify you when we finish crafting your customized jewellery and you can either come to our shop to pick it up or have it delivered to your doorstep.

The whole process takes from 1 to 10 days depending on the design and materials required for the jewellery.