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shop1 In 1993, Anil and Kiran came to Dubai from a charming little village in India, searching for a better livelihood for themselves and their family. Their first employment came from a company in Gold Souk, where they gained knowledge on trading diamonds, gold, certified stones and other luxury items. They also gained experience in the manufacture of high-end jewellery and how to provide the best service for their clients.

Needless to say, working day in and day out in the Gold Souk for over a decade honed their skills, which would be their stock and trade for their future business. They learned how to address the needs of their customers by keeping tabs with the current and upcoming trends in the jewellery industry. They were able to source the choicest items at affordable prices, which they in turn gave back to their customers in the form of huge savings.

Eventually, Anil and Kiran gained the enviable reputation of being the trusted purveyor of precious and semi-precious jewellery as well as designer collections and engagement rings. And it was the same reputation that gave them their first shot at owning their business, their own store.

shop2In 2004, Anil and Kiran was approached by one of their loyal customers and was asked why they hadn’t opened their own shop yet. Having only the knowledge and expertise in the industry, the brothers lacked seed capital, which was another essential requirement to start their business.
Thanks to their loyal customers, Anil and Kiran were able to raise the sufficient funds to open their company and thus Cara, the store and name that is trusted and loved by many, was born.

Building on the fundamental goal to provide the best products and services for their customers, Cara increased their business and deepened relationships to the point that one might say: ‘Every heart beats a little extra for Cara.’

Today, Cara has grown to become the leading trader and manufacturer of luxury jewellery in Dubai. In spite of their success, the brothers remain true to their tradition of creativity, innovation, leadership by example and, of course, the unceasing drive to please their customers.