Guide To Buying

Guide to Buying - Sizes

Cara Jewellers aims to make shopping for jewellery a comfortable and pleasant experience. Once you have chosen the jewellery design, the next step is to determine the size. You can visit your nearest jeweller to confirm the size or bring a jewellery piece that is the closest fit for us to measure before your eyes.


You can determine your ring size based on a ring you already own which is a comfortable fit. Alternatively, you can use our ring-sizer or request a local jeweller to size your finger.

While trying on rings, it is worth noting that fingers tend to become smaller when cold and larger towards the end of the day. A perfect ring should comfortably fit on the finger and be loose enough to remove without too much struggle.

Choose your closest ring size for shopping from the table below which is based on the International Size chart. Please note that all countries have their own ring size.


The size of your necklace is based on your personal preference and the design style. While 46 cm (18 inches) long necklaces are widely chosen and fall just below the neck, opera necklaces that are slightly longer are also available. These measure between 99 cm to 109 cm (39 inches to 43 inches) and reach just below the bosom. Longer chains are also available on request.

Bracelets and Bangles

Our standard-sized bracelets and bangles measure 18 cm (7 inches). However, we can customize the size as per your suitability.